5G and Small Cell Wireless within the City & County of San Francisco

Why is 5G Important for San Francisco?

5G wireless promises to transform the way we live and work. From new smartphone uses, automated vehicles, and the Internet of Things to remote healthcare, augmented and virtual reality, industrial automation and more, the innovations of the future will be built on 5G. And 5G requires an influx of more spectrum to support Americans’ mobile needs and our global wireless leadership.

Wireless Providers for San Francisco

The City has seven providers that manage more than 300 Small Cell sites:

SF Map

License Agreements

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Streetlight & Utility Pole Design Requirements

We are in the process of finalizing design standards for MTA and PUC licensed poles. These standards will be publicly available upon completion.

Safety Information

The safety of radio waves has been extensively studied. Government agencies and groups that set standards constantly review this research. The radiated emission levels meet current accepted health and safety guidelines.